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In The Garden

Friday, July 23rd, 2010 at 7:08 pm

If only I had more time to devote to the garden  In winter I pour over magazines and visit gardening sites dreaming of sunny days.

Each Summer I have great plans to spend more time in the garden.  At the weekend when the weather is fine, I do just that.  During the week when my working day starts and the sun shines, I am so tempted to drift out of studio and forget my work   As always, reality hits in, commissions become ever more pressing and dead lines loom! I am reminded of my school days in summer, gazing out of the classroom window wishing and daydreaming wanting to be part of the sunny carefree days.

Every year the Village I live in has an open garden day. I have been asked over the years if I would take part.  I have always declined saying it is not finished and I have better plans and who would want to visit  etc…etc… This year I said yes! –   Nightmare the slugs became enemy number one, I took to stalking them at night, with torch in hand, trying to prevent them eating my “Miss Bateman” clematis and other newly budding beauties. I worried about not enough rain, too much rain, too hot  The open day arrived and I flung open the french windows of the studio for the drifting visitors,  and loved the whole day.

Would I do it again next year ….the juries out …

Here are a few images of my first open garden – not the Chelsea flower show but such fun !