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Alexander McQueen inspiration

Sunday, March 10th, 2013 at 4:09 pm

One question I constantly  get asked " inspiration where does it come from "….  it is a debate I sometimes have with myself. My answer ..  it is not one aspect only, but  an amalgam of many influences from films, fashion ,interiors and the myriad of visual stimulus that surrounds us all every day. Of course if pressed I can site one influence The wonderful work of Alexander Mc Queen.


For many years I have admired the fantastic style of Alexander McQueen, his talent was way beyond the boundaries of fashion, and on an altogether sublime level.  He managed statement art and style all in one, with creations that were always surprising and unexpected.


His untimely death was both shocking and sad.  The sudden coming to a full stop of a rare talent left me bereft for the unfulfilled potential of what might have been, and saddened by the certain knowledge that his talent can no longer continue to shine.


In my own field I love designing and painting my Glamour images.  While perhaps not pushing the boundaries as did Alexander McQueen’s creations, they never-the-less get my creative spirits whirring.  I was delighted in May 2011 to have the opportunity to visit McQueen’s “Savage Beauty” at the Metropolitan Museum.  It was stunning and far more beautiful and emotional than I had expected.  So inspiring!


If the exhibition comes to the UK, I will go to view it again.  Should it not come to London the link below gives a small flavour of the creations on show but cannot do justice to the excitement of the show itself or its much loved and hugely missed creator.