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A day in the life of……

Monday, April 26th, 2010 at 8:31 pm

Do I ever have a typical day?  No, not really.  I will try and put into words a day in my life as an artist/illustrator.

I usually try and start the day with a walk and short run.  I live in the English countryside and today I walked along the local canal hoping to see the swans nesting.  I picked up speed and jogged over the fields towards the village church.  I admired the cherry blossoms looking wonderful in the early morning sunshine.  I made a decision to take my camera with me soon to capture the fleeting beauty.  On my return I took a quick shower, breakfasted and went across into my studio.  I live with my husband in an old stone and brick cottage.  My studio is in our garden and was built about 6 years ago.   It overlooks both the side and rear garden and the adjoining fields.   My day starts with checking my website and emails.  I always have to resist the temptation to linger at my computer.

My studio

Detail: My work space & well used easel.

Of course, it does not always look as tidy as this photo.  When I am in the middle of a commissioned range of illustrations, I am surrounded by pieces of artwork all at differing stages of work-in-progress.

I like to paint listening to music.  Once a piece is finished the process of reproduction starts……and hopefully ends up published and on products.  For example I have just received sample open prints from ‘May Ag’ print publishers. Here is one of the results:

One of a pair of New Prints.   The pair can be seen in my Web Gallery.

“Do you spend all day at your easel?” is a comment I often get asked.  Well that would be wonderful….but I have a number of clients and therefore running the studio requires a fair amount of administration.  The amazing part is the way technology keeps me in touch with all these companies   On two days of the week my graphic designer daughter Katie drives over to work with me.  On other days she works from her home studio and we can still link up by email and Skype.  Carol joins us on one of the days to assist running a busy studio.

At the end of the day I love to walk across the garden to the cottage and make a meal, sometimes to return to the studio later, especially when I am still am in creative flow.

I suppose I am lucky as I really love what I do – it is not a job, more a way of life.