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Gift Trade fairs

February 22nd, 2009

Every year I attend the International Spring Trade Fair – a huge show featuring well established & new gift products from small to large corporate companies.  Many varieties of gift and interiors products can be seen ready to be selected by buyers from all over the world.  The buzz and eye opening array of “things” can overwhelm & make you feel dizzy .

This year the show opened on the Sunday with cautious optimism, the global economic climate being one major factor…… then the crazy UK climate decided to add to the drama it really snowed and settled !!  London came to a halt,  trains stopped running,  buses did not turn up. My sister in law June who works in the big city said London looked wonderful, a real picture. On the Monday we could not  leave our cottage the roads around became too treacherous to travel.  All the major effort  made by all those exhibitors – then this!!!  But against all adversity the show bravely went on – and I do know some had, in spite of it all,  a very good exhibition. With so much gloom of late just seeing companies striving and doing ok against adversity  gave me confidence and optimism..

………  and the silver lining to all this!!  kids had fun, families were seen out playing in the snow, reports of snowmen appearing in unexpected places. for example, sitting on benches in a park  – not to mention photographers having  a field day with the transformation of dull grey landscape into a magical wonderland

~  Next year with out a doubt the International Spring fair will be selling greetings cards, calendars & prints of snowy scenes not photographed in Austria but cold snowy Britain!!

Let it Snow