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May 6th, 2009


A strong market has always existed for popular art to be used on a variety of consumer products.  Designs used range from Monet’s iconic lily pond paintings of his garden at Giverny, to the fictionalised and dreamy beach scenes created more recently by Jack Vettriano.  Such popular images tend to ride successive waves of popular acclaim, although for the best the tide never really goes out – they seem to have a semi-permanent home in the public’s affection.


Other art is more particular to its time and place, enjoying a rapid commercial ascent to its “day in the sun”, only to subside in popularity after the market has moved on.  For the art buyer each type of image has its place depending on the application and target market for the products under consideration.


My recent images of dancing might appear to have been inspired by the recent popular trend of celebrity dancing shows on TV on both sides of the Atlantic.  But in fact my inspiration arose from an accidental discovery of a Tango club in New York after the end of one of the Surtex shows!  Out for a post show meal with some artist friends we literally stumbled across a tango dance club evening at the Argentina Il Campanello Restaurant.  Serendipity indeed.  The music, the movement of the dancers and the costumes were all equally mesmerising. 




After an amazing and inspirational night I left itching to get back to my easel.  Whether my interpretation of the mood created ‘hits the spot’ is for others to judge, as too will be whether the image is short or long lived.  But for me this will remain a lasting image irrespective of how well it ‘trips the light fantastic’ in the art buying market.