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Beautiful Birds

August 22nd, 2009

In the eaves of our cottage are two carefully constructed mud nests.  Each morning this summer I have opened my bedroom window to see and hear the chattering of a family of house martins.  These elegant fast moving birds are a marvel as they dip and dive.

While house martins can be seen across the UK their numbers have dropped over recent years and so they are on the RSPB’s Amber list of birds to be protected where possible.  For that reason we took great care not to disturb them during some recent property repairs.  Soon they will be gone as it is almost time to take the long flight to a warmer place in Africa.  It amazes me that tiny fledglings born in late Spring have in such a short period not only learned to fly fast and accurately, but have grown sufficiently to undertake the long journey south. In winter when the days are shorter and colder I will think about about these brave little birds – and I hope they return next spring.

I am working on a new greeting card range at the moment and I hope to include tiny silhouettes of these inspiring elegant little birds.